Tuesday, September 4, 2007

World Wide Web Protocols

Web Protocols:

IP:- Internet Protocol
SSL:- Secure Sockets Layer
SSH:- Secure Shell
DSN:- Data Source Name
FTP:- File Transfer Protocol
DNS:- Domain Name Service
UPD:- User Datagram Protocol
IRC:- Internet Relay Chat Protocol
ARP:- Address Resolution Protocol
TCP:- Transmission Control Protocol
PAR:- Positive Acknowledgment and Retransmission
POP3:- Post Office Protocol version 3
HTTP:- Hypertext Transfer Protocol
SMTP:- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
IDRP:- ICMP Router-Discovery Protocol
IMAP:- Internet Message Access Protocol
ICMP:- Internet Control Message Protocol
DHCP:- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
RLOGIN:- Remote Login
TELNET:- TCP/IP Terminal Emulation Protocol

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Sachin Maurya said...

Hey Bajpei,

I have not much knowledge about Web technology. Your posts are increasing my knowledge. when i chat and sed e mail to the friends i think that web tech is only this and provides us some relaxation and entertainment but your posts are making me to think more about Web Technology

Thaks for this nice information